The Fashion Rules You Can Break

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Fashion is something that is important to most of us, and while it is simple to follow the rules, for some of us, understanding what rules to follow can be challenging. You can wear whatever you want, but there are some fashion rules that are considered out of bounds. However, lately, breaking these rules has become a trend, and people are daring to push limits and wear what they feel comfortable in. Some of the rules that are meant to be broken are:

1) Mixing prints

In the past, wearing two different prints together was a fashion faux pas. However, in recent years, the trend has caught up, and mixing prints is no longer considered a fashion blunder. No matter how you wear your prints, with confidence, you will look chic.

2) Wearing white after Labor Day

For decades White has been associated with summer, and wearing white after Labor Day seemed like an unforgivable fashion mistake. However, over time, people have broken this rule, and designers have even started showcasing white outfits in winter, proving that white can be worn any time of the year.

3) Sneakers with dresses

Wearing sneakers with dresses was never a fashion rule because no one had ever considered it before. However, in recent times, pairing sneakers with dresses has become a popular trend and has been spotted at many fashion events.

4) Mixing gold and silver jewelry

In the past, it was customary to wear either gold or silver jewelry, and mixing the two metals was never considered acceptable. However, in recent times this rule has been broken, and mixing metals has become a trendy way to accessorize an outfit.

5) Wearing black and brown together

For years, the fashion rule was to never wear brown and black together since they were thought not to complement each other. However, in recent years, this trend has been spotted on the fashion runways and has now become a popular fashion statement.

All of these fashion rules have been broken, proving that fashion is all about what you feel comfortable wearing. The only important rule to remember is to wear what makes you happy and confident. Breaking fashion rules is not about making a statement or rebelling; it is about creating a personal fashion statement that expresses your individuality.

The fashion industry has become increasingly inclusive over the years, and people from all backgrounds have now entered the industry, making it a more diverse place. The industry’s ever-evolving nature has encouraged people to experiment with fashion, resulting in groundbreaking trends and fashion statements.

In conclusion, fashion rules are meant to be broken. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion. Instead, people should focus on wearing what makes them happy and comfortable. Fashion is not about following trends, but it is about creating your own personal style that expresses your individuality and personality. So, go ahead, experiment with prints, mix metals, wear white in winter, pair your dresses with sneakers and break the fashion rules that have been dictating for far too long!

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